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The Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems is in Genoa

The Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CRIS) of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) was inaugurated in Genoa

The Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems (CRIS) of the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT) was inaugurated in Genoa. This technological center of excellence, located in via San Quirico, houses advanced laboratories and testing facilities for robotics research. The diverse research areas, ranging from surgical robotics to industrial robotics, from rehabilitative exoskeletons to space exploration, share a common space to promote collaboration and integration.

Supported by the Genoa Chamber of Commerce, CRIS enables IIT to pursue even more ambitious goals through renewed and stronger collaborations with academia and industry. Additionally, dedicated indoor and outdoor spaces will be used for conducting experiments that simulate operational environments in which robots will operate.

The inauguration was attended by municipal councilors Mario Mascia (Economic Development) and Marta Brusoni (Education and Information Technology Policies), as well as representatives from the Liguria Region, Confindustria, and the University. Among the distinguished guests was Franco Malerba, the first Italian astronaut in history.

During the event, visits to the Center's laboratories were organized, where IIT researchers showcased cutting-edge robots such as iCub, R1, Alterego, which will serve as humanoid assistants in contexts like museums, healthcare facilities, and disaster-stricken areas. Other highlights included the STREAM exoskeleton used by railway maintainers, the CONCERT robotic platform for supporting construction workers, the collaborative industrial robot MOCA for future manufacturing lines, and the quadruped robot HyQ, one of Europe's most advanced robotic specimens. The development of these robotic systems is supported by a dedicated structure for mechanical design, development, and prototyping.

The inauguration of CRIS represents a significant step for Genoa, positioning the city at the forefront of a strategy focused on communication information technology and robotics, attracting investments and becoming a magnet for businesses worldwide. The event emphasized the applications of the new laboratory in robotics, automation, and mechatronics, with a particular focus on accident prevention, healthcare performance, safety devices, and high-definition, complex 3D printing of industrial components.

The IIT Center for Robotics and Intelligent Systems comprises approximately 250 researchers from around the world, and it accounts for approximately 80% of the Institute's robotics activities. CRIS aligns with the vision of the Robot Valley, in which IIT and its research laboratories play a leading role. This vision encompasses a productive fabric increasingly oriented toward frontier technologies such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and mechatronics.

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