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Record-breaking Genova Smart Week 2023

Among conferences, streaming and information activities, the ninth edition of the Genova Smart Week achieved the best numbers of the event since the post-pandemic period. The event closes with 13 thousand attendees, 50 projects and 200 speakers.

The ninth edition of Genova Smart Week concludes, marking the best numbers since the post-pandemic period: approximately 13,000 participants, including those who attended the conferences at Palazzo Tursi or via streaming, and all those who took part in the informative activities. These activities ranged from the Smart City Experience in Piazza De Ferrari to exhibitions and guided tours at the Church of San Donato, the Diocesan Museum, and Palazzo Doria-Spinola. Over 200 speakers and about a hundred partners, during the five days of conferences at Palazzo Tursi, presented to the city and its stakeholders more than 50 innovative projects in the areas of sustainable mobility, urban regeneration, environmental monitoring, digitization, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, infrastructure, and logistics.

The event attracted major Italian systemic companies and multinationals, such as Tim, Enel, Eni, and Leonardo, confirming the strategic importance of Genoa and Liguria in the country's infrastructural development. However, it wasn't just about large-scale projects: Genoa showcased its commitment to innovation through private initiatives, in collaboration with public administration and the world of research. Some projects presented during the event include Miage (Geo-hydrological Monitoring of Ancient Genoa), involving the topographic digitization of the Genoese area; C-City Genova Circular City, focusing on green sectors, bioeconomy, and the circularity of energy resources; MaaS Genova, which envisions the intelligent integration of various modes of transportation available to passengers on a single platform; and the European project AI4PublicPolicy aimed at reducing the number of incidents involving vulnerable subjects.

"The week was significant for our city," declares Mayor Marco Bucci. "It places Genoa at the center of Italian smart cities. Palazzo Tursi hosted industry opinion leaders who certified our continuous growth. There is still much work to be done, but we are on the right path, and we must continue to strive for our goals. I want to thank everyone who contributed to the great success of this edition of the Smart Week." "In light of all the projects presented these days," comments Daniela Boccadoro Ameri, president of the Genova Smart City Association, "Genova Smart Week concludes, giving us certainty: the city is changing and raising the bar for future prospects, thanks to investments aimed at improving every aspect of daily life for its citizens, from the usability of public spaces to mobility, from the safety of the territory to the efficiency of infrastructure. Genoa is ready to welcome new residents, new workers, and new businesses: the challenge is launched."

Genova Smart Week, promoted by the Genova Smart City Association and the Municipality of Genova with the technical support of Clickutility Team, is the only event in Italy entirely dedicated to smart city topics. It serves as an international think tank where institutions, administrations, businesses, professionals, and industry operators come together to discuss and exchange ideas on the development and evolution of innovative and livable cities.

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