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Genoa Smart City meets Matteo Campora

A meeting open to the public will be held on Tuesday 14 March at 11:00 between the Genova Smart City Association and the Councilor for Transport, Integrated Mobility, Environment, Waste, Animals and Energy of the Municipality of Genoa

On Tuesday 14 March from 11:00 to 13:00 at the Salone di Rappresentanza of Palazzo Tursi there will be a meeting open to the public between the Genoa Smart City Association and the Councilor of the Municipality of Genoa, Matteo Campora. During the meeting, some of the main projects of the Municipality in the fields of Transport, Mobility, Environment, Waste and Energy will be presented with an in-depth analysis of the related opportunities for citizens and businesses. To participate it is necessary to register for the event by e-mail at

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