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Expression of interest for collective participation in The Ocean Race foreign stages

A unique opportunity to promote Genoa by creating new opportunities in the six foreign stages of the famous regatta - Alicante, Cape Town, Itajaì, Newport, Aarhus and The Hague.

The Municipality of Genoa has published the expression of interest to announce that it will be present in the context of the sailing event, called "The Ocean Race", with its own pavilion set up in the six stages of the international regatta: - Alicante, Spain, from 7 to 15 January 2023 - Cape Town, South Africa, from February 7 to 26, 2023 - Itajaì, Brazil, from 1 to 23 April 2023 - Newport, Rhode Island (United States), from 10 to 21 May 2023 - Aarhus, Denmark, from 30 May to 8 June 2023 - The Hague, Holland, from 11 to 15 June 2023

Why be present

The Ocean Race is one of the most famous sailing regattas around the world. An international competition, in the name of sustainability, which is held every three years. The 2023 edition will start from Alicante on January 15 and will end in Genoa in June in the event called The Grand Finale. In each of the six stages – Alicante, Cape Town, Itajaì, Newport, Aarhus and The Hague – an Ocean Race Village will be set up within which Genoa will have a dedicated pavilion to promote local excellence and the territory as an economic, tourist destination , culture and life. It is a unique opportunity to promote the area by creating economic, cultural, scientific opportunities, etc. Companies will be able to have one more opportunity to present their services and products on foreign markets and will be able to benefit from networking moments with companies and institutions of the cities and countries involved.

What we offer

The Municipality of Genoa will make the conference space and business area set up in the pavilion available to companies, in order to promote the local economy and its products/services, facilitating meetings with potential investors and partners to develop networking activities. Participation, free of charge, may include: a) presence, with use of spaces (days and methods to be agreed) for B2B; b) distribution of material subject to approval by The Ocean Race; c) transmission of audiovisual material. Interested parties must express their interest by answering the online questionnaire and completing the registration by completing the application form and sending it, together with a valid identity document, via PEC to with the subject "THE OCEAN RACE" The opportunity is reserved for companies that apply by 15 January 2023 (with the exception of the Alicante stage for which the deadline is 15 December 2022). For more information click here!

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