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University course in Smart City design

Registrations are open for the specialization course in Smart City design organized by the University of Genova in collaboration with the Genova Smart City Association

In the era of smart cities, education plays a crucial role in shaping the future of our urban communities. The University of Genova, in collaboration with the Genova Smart City Association, has launched an innovative course dedicated to training professionals capable of leading the transformation towards an intelligent, sustainable, and resilient city.

The Advanced Course in Smart City Design aims to provide the necessary skills to coordinate the efforts of designing and implementing a smart city, addressing economic, social, and environmental challenges. The goal is to generate real benefits for citizens, promoting economic, social, and cultural development in the metropolitan area.

Open to graduates of all disciplines, entrepreneurs, professionals, and employees of public and private entities, the course offers interdisciplinary training. Through engaging and interactive modules, students will learn to identify strategies for change and coordinate the necessary actions for successful implementation.

Up to 10 places are reserved for professionals selected by the Genova Smart City Association among its members. For them, the registration fee is €116.00, instead of €1016.00.

The course represents a unique opportunity for those who wish to become leaders in the transformation of the cities of the future. Register now and prepare for a smarter and more sustainable future!

For more information and registrations, click here!

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