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The Ocean Race is at the start: Genoa will be present in all stages with a dedicated pavilion

With The Ocean Race, Genoa confirms itself as an international and innovative city, avant-garde in the promotion of sustainability and protection of the seas.

The Ocean Live Park opens on Saturday in the port of Alicante, Spain, the village for the departure of The Ocean Race, the most extraordinary and toughest round-the-world regatta which turns 50 and for the first, historic, time will arrive in Italy, with the "Grand Finale" in Genoa. And the Ligurian capital is increasingly confirming itself as the world capital of sailing and boating thanks to the important presence alongside The Ocean Race. The Genoa Pavilion will be inaugurated in the Ocean Live Park in Alicante, a 150 square meter pavilion in which visitors will be able to explore the beauties of the city and of the whole of Liguria, while companies will be able to develop new business opportunities with companies from all over the world. world. A unique opportunity: Genoa will be the only city to have this visibility along the entire route. After Alicante, here are the stops in Cape Town (7/26 February), Itajaí (1/23 April), Newport (10/21 May), Aarhus (30 May/8 June), and The Hague (11/15 June ). Not only. Alongside The Ocean Race, Genoa is at the forefront in promoting sustainability and the protection of the seas. Thanks to the "Genoa Process" the first draft of the Charter of Ocean Rights will be written and presented to the UN after the Grand Finale next June.

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