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La salute dei cittadini al centro della 5ª edizione del Silver Economy Forum

Dal 14 al 16 novembre a Palazzo della Meridiana tre giorni di eventi dedicati alla popolazione senior

Genoa, November 7, 2023 – Three days of events dedicated to the senior population, with the opportunity to undergo free health check-ups, attend first-aid courses, and participate in yoga classes, listen to expert advice for a healthy and active lifestyle, and delve into the changes in tomorrow's society through conferences and workshops. These are just some of the opportunities offered by the Silver Economy Forum organized by Ameri Communications, the first event in Italy aimed at the over 60s, which will celebrate its fifth edition from Tuesday, November 14th to Thursday, November 16th at the Palazzo della Meridiana, Genoa.

"Born and conceived here in Genoa, a land of longevity, with the aim of promoting the excellence of the Italian Silver Economy and growing in numbers and participation each year, the Silver Economy Forum has now become the reference point for a sector that is increasingly central in political choices and development strategies at all levels, from the community to local authorities," reflects President Daniela Boccadoro Ameri. "The concepts of active aging and the silver age now identify a broader phase of life in which people, even though they have passed the famous threshold of middle age, generally enjoy good health and continue to fully participate in various aspects of social, economic, political, and cultural life."

According to the latest Istat surveys, the Italian population over sixty-five amounts to 14,177,000 individuals as of January 1, 2023, constituting 24.1% of the total. It is estimated that people aged at least 50 in the entire European Union will reach 222 million by 2025, accounting for 43% of the population, with a value of 5.7 trillion euros for the European Silver Economy, playing a vital role in various sectors.

"This is a 'new economic power'," Ameri continues, "which the Silver Economy Forum aims to bring to the forefront by bringing together the main public and private actors and actively involving seniors in updating them on the latest innovations in the medical and technological fields and the direct implications these innovations can have on their lives."

A major innovation this year will be "Health Meets the Citizen," a program of activities designed to actively engage all those in their sixties that the Silver Economy Forum is targeting. Throughout the event's duration, anyone who wishes can undergo health check-up tests and attend first-aid courses for small domestic incidents, cardiovascular resuscitation, and airway obstruction, offered by the Genoa Municipal Pharmacies and the Italian Red Cross, and take part in Yoga classes for the care of their mind and body.

Through the customary conference program, the Forum aims to explore the world of seniors in all its facets, alternating in-depth discussions in the medical, scientific, and technological fields with lighter and more informative moments, all with a common thread: improving the quality of life for the over sixty population. As evidence of this variety of approaches, a lineup of guests ranges from Susanna Messaggio, a well-known TV personality and now a respected communicator in the fields of health, well-being, and childhood issues, to Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at San Martino Polyclinic Hospital; from Alessandro Bonsignore, President of the Genoa and Liguria Medical Association, who also serves as the President of the Technical-Scientific Committee of the Forum, to Filippo Ansaldi, General Manager of Alisa, and Enrico Castanini, the sole administrator of Liguria Digitale.

Among the most anticipated participants, the most well-known and appreciated Health Influencers in Italy, including gynecologist and obstetrician Monica Calcagni, osteopath Mattia Castrignano, and "The Social Pharmacist" Giacomo Pisano, will explain how the pandemic has accelerated changes in communication between doctors and patients. Evelina Flachi, a nutritionist, journalist, writer, and TV host, will reveal the secrets of longevity, exploring dietary choices that affect long-term health. Paolo Tanganelli, the Senior Citizens' Ombudsman for the City of Genoa, will emphasize the rights that are often denied to the elderly, launching a proposal for coordination among all ombudsmen from various Italian cities and a Manifesto for the rights of the elderly.

Other topics of great interest and relevance covered over these three days will include solutions for ensuring the economic sustainability of society in light of ongoing demographic trends, a field in which Genoa is at the forefront in Europe and the world; gender differences in health and the psychology of aging; the digitization of healthcare (e-health) and the application of artificial intelligence in medical services; new housing solutions designed for the needs of the elderly population; policies to support active aging and their potential positive impact on non-seasonal tourism. There will also be a B2B meeting session for businesses on the morning of Wednesday, November 15.

In order to provide innovative answers and ideas capable of meeting the new needs of the senior population, for the fifth edition of the Silver Economy Forum, Ameri Communications has launched, in collaboration with Dedalus Italia and the University of Genoa, the first Silver #Life Hackathon, involving students from various courses at the university, tasked with developing a software prototype to support the elderly and their caregivers. The award ceremony for the winning project will take place on Wednesday, November 15.

The Silver Economy Forum is supported and endorsed by the most important local institutions, including the Liguria Region, the City of Genoa, the Genova Smart City Association, the Chamber of Commerce, and the University of Genoa, as well as by companies, associations, and professional bodies. All events are free and open to the public: registration is required to participate in the sessions via the following link It will also be possible to follow the conferences remotely through live broadcasts on the Zoom platform. All information and updates are available on the official website

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